VMware vSAN 6.5 – 2 Node with Direct Connect

VMware vSAN 6.5  now supports two vSAN data nodes directly connected using one or more crossover cables. This is useful for clients with no 10GbE switching!

In order for this to work a Witness VMkernel needs to run on an interface that can also reach the witness vSAN VMkernel interface for Metadata purposes, this would not be possible via the crossover cables for obvious reasons.

Now, how do you setup a Witness VMkernel?
Within a normal vSAN setup VMkernel ports are tagged to have “vsan” traffic via the vSphere Web Client. However in order to use a VMkernel for “Witness” traffic we have to dive into command line for the moment in 6.5.

To add a new interface with Witness traffic is the type, the command is:

  • esxcli vsan network ipv4 add -i vmkX -T=witness

Personally I design solutions with two 10GbE crossovers with an active/standby setup and run vMotion on the standby interface.

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