So What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.7?

vSphere 6.7 has been officially released which is great, we’ve been running on 6.5 for a while now! I’ve listed out some highlights that interested me in this release.


First thing to check out the VMware HCL, VMware appears to have dropped support for several popular processors, checkout your hardware here

The HTML 5 Web Client

How we’ve been living with the flash web client for a while, personally I hate it and will do anything to avoid using, however we now have light at the end of the tunnel, the HTML 5 Web Client nearly has feature parity and I can use it for 95% of my tasks!

Suspend and Resume of vGPU Workloads

I’m a big fan of vGPU and what possibilities they enable, vGPUs have been around since vSphere 6.0, before the vSphere 6.7 release the VMs that used vGPUs were effectible glued to the host they were powered up on. vSphere 6.7,  you can suspend and resume a vGPU-enabled VM, which means you can suspend, vMotion and then resume. Hopefully with the next release of vSphere we’ll see live vMotions enabled.

Virtual Hardware Version 14

From what I can see version 14 adds support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM), NVDIMM, I/O Memory Management and Microsoft Virtual-based Security (VBS).

vCenter Appliance Backup

You can now set up a backup schedule to backup your the vCenter appliance configuration. You can also configure the retention of the backups.

Configuration Maximums

As usual VMware has uplifted the configuration maximums, see the table below for details;

Rather than display a huge table here, checkout the VMware tool here

ESXi Single Reboot

Two reboots during upgrades should be a thing of the past going forward!

ESXi Quick Boot

Firstly I need to note this feature is limited to specific vendors/hardware. This feature means the hypervisor can be restarted without going through the hardware boot process. This should mean patching and upgrades are completed much more promptly!

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