Horizon 7.1 > 7.3.1 Upgrade Issue

Had a strange issue raised after a client upgraded from Horizon 7.1 to 7.3.1, where thin terminals were reporting the following error “You cannot access your applications or desktops”. After some research it appears the default behaviour was changed in 7.3.1 for the following;

  • If no is selected for the “Allow users to chose protocol” the pool can only use default protocol selected. So HTML access for example will not work. Change this to yes to fix the error,
  • If you have vGPU pools, the “Allow users to chose protocol” option is disabled!! So for the moment the only option is to roll back the install until VMware fix the issue.

Update – VMware has reversed this change in 7.4 with the following release notes;

  • When creating a pool or a farm, if you select No for the option “Allow users to chose protocol” then a pool or application can only be launched via the default protocol selected. The PCOIP protocol disallows any connections via HTML access and in the case of VGPU enabled pools, the “Allow users to chose protocol” option was disabled, so an administrator could not change it back to Yes. This change has been reverted.
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