vGPU hot migration is not enabled – VMware 6.7U1

If you receive the following error when trying to vMotion a vGPU enabled virtual machine on VMware 6.7U1, simply enable the option below within the vCenter Server advanced settings.


For more info see –

VCSA 6.0 > 6.5 upgrade error – VUM migration

Quick post, came across the following error when trying to upgrade from 6.0 > 6.5;

Check that VMware vCenter Server at ‘’ is up and running, and that the credentials are valid”.

To resolve this issue try the following;

  • Login your VUM server
  • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager
  • Run the VMwareUpdateManagerUtility.exe then login.
  • Then “re-register vCenter Server”
  • Restart “VMware Update Server Service”

Then have another bash at the upgrade!

New Lab Time!

New Lab Time!

I currently have some HP DL360 G5 servers in my home lab, now they are noisy and power hungry and not particularly powerful, time for a replacement!

I’ve considered several replacements and something from either the Intel NUC range or SuperMicro range seems to be the best fit.

The Contenders

Intel NUC – NUC6i5SYH 

 Intel NUC – NUC6i7KYK

SuperMicro E200-8D


Model CPU SATA Slots M.2 1GbE ports IPMI 10GbE ports Memory (Max) Bare Bones Price (approx)
NUC6i5SYH Two-Core Intel® Processor i5-6260U 1.9Ghz 4MB (15W) 1 1 1 No 0 32GB  £380.00
NUC6i7KYK Four-Core Intel® Processor i7-6770HQ 2.6Ghz 6MB (45W) 0 2 1 No 0 32GB  £620.00
E200-8D Six-Core Intel® Xeon® D-1528 1.9GHz 9MB (35W) 6 4 2 Yes 2 128GB  £800.00


The SuperMicro E200-8D is very tempting due to the processor and maximum memory figures, on the other hand the price makes this very costly. In the end I think the Intel NUC6i5SY makes the most sense, it has a SATA and M.2 port and comes in at a great price.

I’ll be purchasing the kit over the next few days once I decide on which SSDs to use. VMware vSAN will be the SDS of choice here and I need to ensure it will perform.